To Advocate global positive change and provide a platform through which dreams can be brought to reality by exploring, projecting and promoting talents with a view to contributing positively to general development across Africa.



To improve and advance general self development through mentoring programmes, Entrepreneurship and economic advancement for teenagers, youths, women, individuals and groups towards promoting Africa, Africans, people of African Origin and anything positively associated with Africa.



The aims and objectives of KARIFEST DUCHESS ONYEKAAH FOUNDATION shall be as follows:

  1. Advocate positive change
  2. Advocacy and Conflict resolution
  3. General Community Development
  4. To promote tourism in Africa and sponsor events on charity.
  5. To celebrate Africans through awards recognitions and other promotional events.
  6. To provide and sponsor the provision of social amenities for communities across Africa who are at a disadvantaged position.
  7. To organize public events geared towards promoting Africa, Africans, people of African Origin and anything positively associated with Africa.
  8. To do mentoring missions for teenagers and youths.
  9. Organize periodic health checks for the elderly
  10. To empower youths and women financially that they may be able to acquire and develop entrepreneurship and vocational skills acquisition.
  11. To identify talented youths and sponsor them in the areas of interest as it relates to the entertainment industry and other areas of interest.
  12. To pick-up teenagers who are school dropouts and ensure that they get support in attaining education, and vocational skills acquisition.
  13. To support parents in training their talented children.
  14. To act as mentors on career path, ethics and courteous lifestyle, workplace integrity and hard work for teenagers and youths.
  15. To identify hardworking Africans, Nigerians, national and international bodies with the like objectives and partner with them.
  16. To preach and support peaceful existence for Nigerians at large.
  17. To provide charity to well deserving under-privileged youths and women.
  18. To look into the welfare of individuals who will partner with the Foundation.
  19. To render free legal services for individuals, communities and groups who require legal aid but cannot afford the services of a legal practitioner.
  20. To render any other such charity services as may be required by the foundation towards social economic advancement of humanity.